Secret Armory Event

In Doomsday: Last Survivors, the armaments of your heroes play a crucial role in determining the success of your squad. The Secret Armory event provides a prime opportunity to swiftly upgrade your armaments, and this post will guide you on maximizing its benefits without having to spend a fortune.

How does this event work?

During each Secret Armory Event, two types of armaments are featured, such as vests and boots or guns and bags, etc The specific types of armaments available change with each event. On the event’s main page, you’ll find 10 chests to open, each belonging to one of three categories:

  • Supreme, the red chest
  • Premium, the purple chest
  • General. the green/grey chest

You can find the rewards and the rate of each chest in the picture below:

To open a chest, you’ll need to spend 10 armory cards, which are obtainable from the mall. Access the mall directly from the top right corner of the event screen. You can purchase up to 10 armory card packs for 700 gems each, with a maximum of 10 purchases. This means spending 7,000 gems will net you 100 armory cards. After that, additional cards can only be acquired by spending money.

The chests reset either after all 10 have been opened or by clicking the reset button. You’re granted a free reset every 8 hours. If you choose to reset the chests manually, it will cost you 16 armory cards.

Above the chests, a progression gauge tracks your progress. Opening a chest increases the gauge by one notch. Various tiers of chests are available, with the final reward requiring you to open 250 chests, totaling 2,500 armory cards.

Best strategies for the event

Unfortunately, this event primarily caters to paying players, making it challenging for free-to-play participants to fully engage. While you can use gems to purchase armory cards, spending 7,000 gems may be excessive for free-to-play users. My recommendation is to consistently purchase the 10 pack for 700 gems and consider buying the 5 pack at 1$ each as well. This approach yields a total of 200 armory cards for each Secret Armory event.

Next, focus on opening only the Supreme chests available. If none are available, utilize the free reset button every 8 hours. By the event’s conclusion, you’ll likely have enough armory cards to open several Supreme chests, potentially earning legendary armaments. Save any remaining armory cards for the next event, accumulating them until you reach 2,500 cards. Once you can open 250 chests, use your 2,500 cards to claim the highest tier chest rewards.

I advise using your 2,500 armory cards during Secret Armory Events featuring pants and bags armaments. These items are among the most challenging to obtain in the game, making them the most valuable to pursue.

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