In this post, I will provide a detailed explanation of the hero Raigoro, covering how to obtain him, upgrade his skills and talent tree, and integrate him with other heroes.

How to get Raigoro?

Raigoro is one of the first heroes and he is relatively easy to obtain. You need to collect 10 of his fragments through advanced searches at the Police Station.

Talent trees

Raigoro is an infantry hero with Defense and Garrison secondary talent tree. You can use him as a garrison captain or hero leader on the field.

For the garrison build, maximize the defense talent tree. If you’re attacked while offline, your squad size will be under 30%. You want to gain more rage in garrison and have extra damage when your shelter is flanked. Here is the garrison build I use:

For field build, you prioritize the defense tree then fill up completely the infantry talent tree. You don’t want the extra rage when your squad size in under 30% (in the red zone). In this case, you need to return your squad to your shelter and refill the squad. My field build would look like this:


  1. His first skill is called Guardian Deity. This skill activates a shield (Shield Factor 9,600) that absorbs damages for 3 turns. It also recovers 20 rage per enemy attacking him, up to 60 rage per turn.
  2. His second skill is called Yorikiri. It increases the counter damage by up to 20% and reduce the traveling speed of the enemy attacking Raigoro by up to 25% for 5 sec. This effect can only be triggered once every 10 seconds.
  3. His third skill is called Oshidashi which increases the attack and defense of the squads by up to 15%.
  4. His fourth skill is called Yokozuna which increases the damage dealt by 8% when the shield is activated. It also increases the infantry HP by up to 11%.
  5. His awakened skill is called Storm Possession. It’s an enhancement of the second skill. The squad counter damage moved form 20% to 30% and the travel speed reduction from 25% to 30%. In addition, all damage taken by the squad is reduced by an extra 5%.

How to upgrade his skills?

For every fighting hero, you need to upgrade the 1st skill, the raging skill, first. I recommend upgrading the 3rd skill next, followed by the 2nd, and finally the 4th. The suggested order would be 1, 3, 2, 4. You want to upgrade the stats first then it’s better to choose the counter damage because that bonus is always present when people attack you. The 4th skill however you only have the bonus damage when the shield is activated which is not very long during a fight.

How to combine Raigoro?

From a general point of view, you can pair Raigoro with any other infantry hero. You can also pair him with buffing heroes such as Alexander Sokolov or Bianca and use him as a tank to protect your buffing squad. The best option with Raigoro whether it is for garrison or on the field is to pair him with an hero that has a good synergy effect and improves his own capabilities. Raigoro has a very strong shield and a very good counter damage.

I usually recommend Thunder as your garrison captain, but Raigoro could be a very good choice with the release of the new hero Riven. Raigoro/Riven would make an excellent garrison team combination. You can potentially try Raigoro/Eddie or Raigoro/Robert to have a strong counter damage. Otherwise, Tom can be a good option too. I would probably not pair him with Thunder cause you would not have any damage factor.

For the field, the best choice would probably be Eddie because Eddie has a very strong counter damage too and can also activate a small shield. In addition, Eddie would balance the tankiness and therefore your squad will also make good damage. Another good hero would be Robert for the same reasons. You can use either Robert/Raigoro for more damage or Raigoro/Robert for more tankiness.


Raigoro is a good hero and quite easy to obtain. I would probably not use your legendary fragments on him because obtaining his fragments is relatively simple. There are better heroes to prioritize upgrading.

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