In this post, I’ll explain in detail the hero Lynne, how to get her, how to upgrade her skills and talent tree, and how to combine her with other heroes.

How to get Lynne?

To acquire Lynne, you need to obtain 10 fragments. Lynne is a roulette hero, meaning you can only acquire her by playing the Lucky Roulette and winning 10 fragments during the Ranged Top Commander event. It’s likely Lynne’s fragments will be available in Daily Boost packs once she is introduced.

Talent trees

Lynne main ability is Ranged Squad which means she is best used to lead ranged troops. It doesn’t mean you have to max out her ranged squad talent tree. Her two secondary abilities are general and skills, but the general talent tree is, in my opinion, completely useless. For maximum damage, I recommend fully upgrading her skill talent tree first and then investing some points in her ranged squad tree. Essentially, her talent trees would look like this:


  1. Precise Breakthrough: Deals damage to a single target with a factor of up to 11,700. If your squad is flanked on the field (not in a rally or garrison), you gain an additional 2,500 damage factor. Also reduces skill damage taken by up to 15%.
  2. Auto Fortify: Increases ATK by up to 30% and provides an additional 15% DEF if your squad is flanked on the field.
  3. Scan Weakness: Increases ranged squad HP by up to 34%. Counter attacks have a 20% chance to reduce all damage taken by 4.5% for 2 seconds. 20% on a counter attack can happen twice every 3 rounds (5-6 basic attacks + skill damage) for one squad attacking your squad. This effect can be triggered only once every 4 seconds. Most of the time your ranged squad will be focused by multiple squads so this skill will most likely happen every 4 seconds.
  4. Tactical Maneuver: Increases counter damage by up to 32% and ranged traveling speed by 20%.
  5. Her awakening skill is called High Output Mode. This is a new skill. When in world map battles (on the field), it increases the ranged squad damage by 3%. And if flanked on the field, it reduces all damage taken by 4.5%.

How to upgrade her skills?

For every fighting hero, you need to upgrade the 1st skill, the raging skill, first. Then, there are two options:

  1. Focus on defensive skills: Upgrade the 3rd skill next, followed by the 4th, and finally the 2nd. This sequence increases ranged squad survivability. The suggested order would be 1, 3, 4, 2. I would upgrade in this sequence to increase the ranged squad survivability because most of the time people will target and focus on your ranged squad. The 3rd skill will increase the HP and reduce the damage taken. Because people focus the ranged squad, you’ll be more likely to make a lot of damage with the skill 4 by increasing your counter damage. It also increases the traveling speed in case you need to flee. And finally, I would upgrade the 2nd skill last for extra ATK bonus.
  2. Optimize for damage: Upgrade the 3rd skill next, followed by the 2nd, and finally the 4th. The suggested order would be 1, 3, 2, 4.

How to combine Lynne?

Even though, Lynne has a skill talent tree, I would only use her as the assistant of the squad. On the field, the icon you see on the map is always the icon of the leader. If you have Lynne as the leader, potentially people will not target this squad. And you want people to target your squad to increase your damage. Lynne is a ranged squad hero and therefore it’s better to pair her with another ranged squad hero such as Louis, Julia, Jacob, Chun or Nakano. The best options to pair Lynne with on the battlefield is Julia for increased HP. Julia provides 40% HP so your squad Julia/Lynne will have a +74% HP. This is very good to make your squad more tanky. My second choice would be Chun/Lynne for improved traveling speed. Chun also provides 20% HP.


Lynne significantly boosts the survivability of your ranged squad on the field. She’s worth upgrading with legendary fragments, although Julia might be a priority. If Julia is already awakened and you lack other upgraded ranged heroes, consider upgrading Lynne.

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