Catherine Calamity

In this post, I’ll explain in detail the hero Catherine Calamity, how to get her, how to upgrade her skills and talent tree, and how to combine her with other heroes.

How to get Catherine?

Catherine can only be obtained by making in-game purchases. Also, you cannot gain her fragments to upgrade her skills. The only way to get her fragments is to buy the VIP packs. These VIP packs are unlocked at each VIP level. You’ll have to be VIP 9 to unlock all her VIP Packs then spend around 200$ to buy all of her fragments to awaken her last skill.

Note: To level up your VIP level, you’ll have to spend a lot of money buying packs to obtain VIP tickets. You can also use your gems to buy VIP tickets or obtain some VIP tickets from the Alliance gift.

Talent trees

Catherine like every hero has 3 talent trees. Her main ability is Rider Squad which means she is best used to lead rider troops. It doesn’t mean you have to max out her rider squad talent tree. Her 2 secondary abilities are zombie hunter and skills so she is really good at killing zombies and she does more damage with her skill.

For maximum damage, I recommend fully upgrading her skill talent tree first and then investing some points in her rider squad tree. Essentially, her talent trees would look like this:


  1. Her first skill is called Bloody Saw. As discussed in my Hero guide, the 1st skill always has to be max out first on a fighting hero and Catherine is no exception. You’ll need to generate 1000 rage to activate this skill. Rage is acquired by using basic attacks.
  2. Her second skill is called Doom Girl. It’s a passive skill that increases the attack of your squad. Additional damage is granted when her sister Cynthia is present in the squad.
  3. Her third skill is called Crazy Obsession and it’s also a passive skill that increases the traveling speed and the damage dealt to zombies.
  4. Her 4th skill is called Pink Lightning. This skill increases the chance to recover rage, the energy used to launch her 1st skill.
  5. Awaken’s skill is Chainsaw Dance and it’s an improved version of her rage skill Bloody Saw. The chance of dealing extra damage increases to 100% instead of 50%.

How to upgrade her skills?

For every fighting hero, you need to upgrade the 1st skill, the raging skill, first. Then I would upgrade the 4th one then the 2nd and do the 3rd one last. Some people do 1,2,4,3 but I personally prefer to upgrade the 4th one to improve the rage recovery and do more damage with the 1st skill. When you start upgrading a skill, make sure you max it out before starting another one. You receive more bonuses from the final level of a skill compared to its initial levels.

How to combine Catherine?

Because Catherine has a skill talent tree, it is better to use her as a squad leader. She is also a great hero in Z-Virus adventure so leveling her up can be a good choice. She can be combined with any rider hero like Cynthia, Freya, Bella, or Sven. Depending on how many rider squads you want to have on the battlefield. She combines best with Cynthia to boost her squad’s damage. However, I chose to have only 1 rider squad in my team and decided to use Catherine as the assistant of Bella. Here are some possibilities you can use:

  • Catherine/ Cynthia: Strong heroes especially early game on the battlefield and strong heroes against zombies.
  • Bella/Catherine: Strong heroes with good rage recovery and the 1st skill of Bella will increase the skill damage of Catherine.
  • Freya/Catherine: You can use Freya for a bigger squad capacity and use Freya as the squad leader. Freya is easier to upgrade to level 60 but also easier to awaken.
  • Catherine/Sven: Combining her with Sven would increase the survivability of your squad as Sven has more defensive skills.


In conclusion, Catherine is a very good hero and can deal a great amount of damage. However, she is expensive to obtain. If you don’t want to spend the money to awaken her, I would simply not buy any of the VIP packs and not upgrade her at all. There are alternative options for forming effective rider squads, such as Freya, Cynthia, Bella, and Sven.

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