In this post, I will provide a detailed explanation of the hero Adut, covering how to obtain her, upgrade her skills and talent tree, and how to pair her with other heroes.

How to get Adut?

For every heroes, you need to acquire 10 fragments. Adut is a roulette hero, which means you can acquire her only by playing the Lucky Roulette (and winning 10 fragments) during the Infantry Top Commander event. You can also buy daily boost packs once Adut is available at the daily boost section in the mall to obtain her 10 fragments.

Talent trees

Adut is an infantry squad hero and therefore best suited to lead infantry troops. Her secondary talent trees are General and Skills. The build to use on Adut is to max out the Skills talent tree and using the remaining points in the Infantry tree. You can also use some points to max out the branch siege in the General tree if you’re planning to do a lot of siege. But in general, if you want to siege someone or a tower it’s better to use ranged heroes like Julia. My talent tree for Adut looks like this:

Here is the build for siege:


  1. Her first skill Firepower Assault deals damage to a single target with a damage factor of up to 12,000. It also increases the squad defense by 30% for 3 seconds.
  2. Her second skill Queen of Arms increases the squad attack by up to 11% every 5 seconds until 44%.
  3. Her third skill Steer Clear increases squad traveling speed by up to 30%. If Adut receive a damage reduction debuff, you have 50% chance to cancel the effect and heal your squad with an healing factor of 4,400.
  4. Her fourth skill Perseverance increases the squad attack by up to 40% when the squad size is greater than 50%. If below 50% squad, it increases by 40% the squad defense.
  5. Her awakening skill Tribal Pride is a new skill and when Adut receives a skill damage it reduces the skill damage received by 20% for 2 seconds for your squad and 4 allied squads.

How to upgrade her skills?

For every combat hero, the first skill, the raging skill, needs to be upgraded first. I recommend upgrading the 4th skill next, followed by the 2nd, and finally the 3rd. The order would be 1, 4, 2, 3. I would upgrade the 4th because the increase of 40% attack is all the time. The attack increase of the skill 2 is every 5 seconds so it will take at least 20 seconds in battle to reach 44%.

How to combine Adut?

I recommend always using Adut as the leader of the squad due to her Skills talent tree. You can pair her with any other infantry heroes such as Thunder, Tom, Miyamoto, Eddie, etc. Depending on your needs, you have multiple options. Adut is very versatile:

  • For speed and maximum damage, pair her with Miyamoto, who offers the best attack and traveling speed boost.
  • For a good damage dealer and a resilient squad, pair her with Eddie. The Adut/Eddie combination is also excellent for siege.
  • For a very good damage dealer and high resistance, pair her with Riven.
  • For an even more tanky squad, pair her with Thunder or Tom.


Adut is a must-have hero. She is probably the best hero you can have on the field for your infantry squad. I would definitely recommend using your legendary fragments to upgrade her.

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