Headquarter Upgrade Requirements

In this post, I’ll explain the importance of upgrading your headquarters and when to do so. At the end of the article, you’ll find an Excel sheet detailing the resources required for each level, the time needed, and the building requirements. You can also insert your construction speed and have an accurate construction time.

Advantages of upgrading your Headquarter

Each level of your headquarters unlocks features and buildings in the game, such as the Arena Of Doom, next tier troops, extra squads, or commander equipment. So, continuously upgrading your headquarters is very important. Upgrading your headquarter will also unlock the next level of each building. However, some buildings also have requirements. For example, if you want to upgrade your Infantry Barracks level 11, you will need to have your headquarter level 11 but also one of your Farm. You have a similar requirement to upgrade your Barricade, you will need to have your Police Station upgraded first.

Each upgrade of your headquarters will also increase your basic squad capacity (or unit capacity) and your Aid Station capacity. This is very important because if you can have more troops in your squad you will make more damage to your enemies. It will also help you to rank better in the Arena Of Doom.

Disadvantages of upgrading your Headquarter

Even though your Headquarter grants you with a lot of bonuses and military advantages, it also costs a lot of resources. So it’s crucial to not rush your upgrade and make sure to upgrade smaller buildings to save enough resources for the higher level of your Headquarter. If you don’t have enough resources, my advice is to upgrade your production buildings, which require very few resources and will keep your construction queue busy. Note: I strongly discourage you to ask for resources to your alliance member. Exchanging resources incurs a high tax cost, as each exchange is taxed. The rate of taxation depends on your Trading Post level. I recommend trading resources only in times of war, when cooperation is crucial. In peaceful time, asking resources is a lack of resources management.

It also takes a much longer time to build compared to other buildings. You need to carefully manage your time and resources so it won’t stop your development. For example, the level 25 of your Headquarter unlocks your tier 5 troops, make sure you have your level 25 before you’re stuck with your military research.

Headquarter upgrade requirements

As promised, you can find everything you need to know to upgrade your Headquarter on the link below:

Building Upgrade

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