Doomsday: Last Survivors – Strategy Guide

Now that you know the different steps to progress fast in Doomsday: Last Survivors if you haven’t read my Step-by-step guide, I recommend you read it first. In this article, I’m going to give you the best strategies to develop your shelter from what you need to upgrade in your shelter to which research you need to unlock and how you need to upgrade your heroes.

Building to upgrade

As you may know, the Headquarters is the building locking the levels of all the buildings in your shelter. After each level upgrade of your Headquarters, the first new building you need to upgrade is your Alliance Center. This is key because the Alliance Center grants alliance help (or remaining help) which reduces the time for all your construction, research, and troop healing. Of course, you need to wait until all your alliance help is given before you speed up your process. You need a good and active alliance because alliance help is only effective when given by a member of your alliance, requiring them to be online.

After the Alliance Center, you always have to upgrade your Research Lab because the time to research all the technologies is very long and the Research Lab will boos your research speed.

You will complete upgrading all your buildings before you finish your research therefore, use your speedups wisely. In this game, there are 2 phases:

  1. The Headquarters phase: You start the game in this phase and you want to upgrade your Headquarters as soon as possible to unlock all the features. Some levels of your headquarters will unlock additional buildings, extra squads, tier troop level, the commander equipment, etc… In the beginning, it’s important to get up to the level 21 headquarters to unlock your tier 4 troops. This is where the phase ends. In this phase, you can use some of your universal speedups for your construction but later use them only for your research because you will finish your construction a long time before you finish your research.
  2. The Research phase: Once you have your headquarters level 21 you will enter the research phase where you will use all your universal speedups for your research.

Once you have upgraded your Alliance center and your lab, you can just follow the requirements to unlock your next level of headquarters which are most of the time your Police Station and your Barricade, plus another building. However, I would upgrade one of each production building (food, wood, steel, and oil) and then your Barracks. The Barracks will be in the other building category for some headquarters level anyway. I would upgrade the Barracks to increase your troop training capacity so you don’t have to log in too often during the day to train your next batch of troops. It also enables you to make the most of your time during the night.


The research you need to do depends on your resource levels. There are 2 tabs in the research:

  1. Economic technology: In this tab, you have all sorts of technology to upgrade your production speed, your gathering speed, unlock the gathering of oil and gems, increase your squad load capacity, but also increase your construction and research speed.
  2. Military technology: This tab will allow you to increase the stats of your troops and unlock new tier troops.

As a good manager, you need to balance these 2 tabs wisely. If you’re not getting enough resources, make sure you increase your economic technologies. This is so important because you’re stuck without resources. You cannot upgrade your building or research, you cannot train or heal your troops. If you have plenty of resources all the time, just focus on military technologies. Of course, you need to send your squads to gathering regularly, at least 5-6 times a day for resources nodes level 6, more for smaller nodes. In general, when you start just focus on the military technologies.

In economic technologies, you should focus on the research and construction speed, as well as gathering speed. The production of your building is very low compared to the resources you will gather, so you don’t need to focus on it. In military technologies, you should prioritize the scouting and technologies boosting all the troops first, rather than boosting one troop in particular. As a good reference point, you need to have Higher science level 10 before you start your tier 4 troops.


There are essentially 2 types of heroes in the game. You have gathering heroes to collect resources and then you have fighting heroes. For the research, I mentioned you need to balance your economic and military technologies depending on the resources you have. The same principle applies to the heroes: make sure you upgrade your gatherers if you need resources otherwise focus on the fighting heroes.

For gathering resources, it’s better to level up your common and uncommon heroes like Andrew, Back Alley Doctor, Kris, Angela, and Michelle. Common and uncommon (green and blue) heroes require less experience to level up and their badges are easier to obtain. They will be perfect as leaders of your gathering squads. In addition, once they reach level 44 the gathering tree is max out and you don’t need to level them anymore. You need to upgrade their skills too and the best skill to upgrade is the second one that grants extra gathering speed.

For fighting heroes, I suggest you focus on leveling up 1 or 2 legendary (gold) heroes like Raigoro or Jaden and Liam as elite (purple) heroes to start with. You need to focus on the 1st skill first because it’s the skill that will make the most damage. It’s better to upgrade all the skills of your elite heroes first as it’s much easier to upgrade than the legendary heroes.

Training troops

The strategy to train your troops is very simple. In the building upgrade section, I mentioned increasing your Barracks to train more troops and use your sleeping time efficiently. But there’s another advantage to leveling up your Barrack together which is to train the same amount of troops in each barrack. When you do that, you only need to reconnect once to start your new batch of troops in all your barracks rather than coming back to start the training in one barrack only.

You can also upgrade your current troops if you unlock higher-tier troops. I suggest you upgrade your troops when you have 2 tier differences, for example, upgrade your tier 1 troops to tier 3 troops because once you have tier 3 troops your tier 1 troops will be very obsolete. My tip is to upgrade your troops during some events like Call of Duty or Ultimate Rally. When you upgrade your troops, it will require less time and you will be able to get the rewards from these events without using speedups.


That’s it for the strategy to apply in the game. You are now ready and better prepared than most players in the game. You know how to upgrade your shelter, what to research, how and which heroes to upgrade and when to train or upgrade your troops.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave me a comment and I’ll answer them as soon as I can. You can also leave a comment if you think this guide helped you to play better and progress faster in the game. May your shelter prosper 🙂


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