Doomsday: Last Survivors – Step-by-steps Guide

Doomsday: Last Survivors is a real-time multiplayer strategy game where you must develop your shelter and troops to free the world from zombies and defend yourself against rival alliances in order to survive. During the tutorial, you will discover the basics of the game and expand your shelter but it provides limited instructions regarding what you need to focus on to progress fast in the game. This post is a step-by-step guide after the tutorial to progress fast in Doomsday: Last Survivors.

Step 1 – Choose a top alliance

During the tutorial, you will be asked to join or create an alliance. Unless you have a lot of friends who will join your alliance, your alliance will have a hard time being attractive enough to bring members. You need to choose your alliance wisely and make sure that the alliance will capture as many villages and towns as possible in the beginning. This is crucial because each village and town offers significant rewards upon the first capture.

Each village and town give also a great buff for the alliance that captures them. These buffs can be attack, defense, or health points bonuses for your troops but also construction or research speed for your shelter. These bonuses are crucial to developing your shelter. It offers great advantages during wars as well. A good alliance will make sure to capture all the different towns and villages to get all the buffs. Note: Each type of village or town provides a specific buff only once, but alliances should capture the same type multiple times for first-capture rewards.

Being in a strong alliance will also prevent you from being attacked regularly and therefore you will be able to gather in peace and develop your shelter quickly.

Step 2 – Follow the main missions

Doomsday: Last Survivors offers many ways to develop your shelter. Everything you do in your shelter will help your development. Nevertheless, some ways are better than others. And here’s why you have the main mission. The main mission (located just above the “Region” icon and the chat box) is a really good guide to follow and make sure you develop your shelter effectively. It also gives rewards after completing each mission. These rewards will help you to have extra resources for all your construction, research, and the training of your troops.

In your quest book, you will also find side missions and daily tasks. The side missions grant some rewards too and are easier to complete. You don’t necessarily need to prioritize these missions, usually, you will complete them by progressing on the main mission. The daily tasks must be completed every day. It grants a good amount of resources but also great rewards such as speedups, an advanced search, 100 gems, elite hero fragments and badges, etc

Step 3 – Keep your shelter busy

This might sound trivial but it’s not a common practice. On the left side of your screen, you can see how busy is your shelter. All the queues (construction research and training) have to be on all the time if possible. You cannot let your shelter rest. For example, if your research has only an hour left before completion and you’re about to go to sleep, speed it up and start a new research. The same principle applies to your training and construction. Time is a valuable resource too, take advantage of your night to start long research and construction.

On the right side of your screen, you have your deployed squads. Keep your squads busy too. Send your squads gathering as often as possible when your stamina is low. On the other hand when your stamina is nearly full use it to rally hive or kill zombies. You can also use your stamina to do the radar station events.

Step 4 – Participate in the events

On the top right corner of the game, you can see multiple tabs with the different ongoing main events. But there’s also a tab with the event calendar where you can find trending and regular events. All these events offer rewards you can claim if you meet the requirements. Some events are very easy to complete and give small rewards, other events like Top Commander require saving your consumables for a considerable period to get rank and obtain the biggest rewards. Participating in these events is crucial to obtain extra bonuses and grow stronger. During the new server launch event, you can acquire skins to enhance your stats.

Step 5 – Progress in the Campaign

The campaign menu is so important and critical early game. Each game mode offers specific rewards and allows you to buy various items.

The Z Virus Adventure is a tower defense game play where 3 of your heroes have to defeat waves of zombies. Each level will grant you rewards of course but the most important is the quantity of experience books per hour you’re getting. The more you progress in Z virus adventure the more experience books you will receive per hour. If you play it well you can get more experience than other players and have stronger heroes (You use your experience books to level up your heroes) and this advantage should not be underestimated when facing other players.

In Memory Trip you create multiple squads formed by the number of troops you have trained (this includes the troops that died on the battlefield in the main game) and your heroes. You will gain rewards but also crystals that you can use to buy miscellaneous consumables but also hero fragments. You get also every day a good amount of resources based on your progress.

Arena Of Doom is a friendly player versus player, you can create up to 5 squads formed with your heroes and the tier troop you unlocked in your research lab. Your squads will fight against up to 5 other squads of another player. You gain tokens to buy various items but the Arena Of Doom is to mainly buy fabrics and carbon steel used to upgrade your commander equipment.

Step 6 – Complete radar station events and discover the region

Twice a day the radar station will give you events to complete. It could be sending troops to rescue people, collecting supplies, or killing zombies. These events are very easy to complete. It just takes a few minutes every day and again it will grant extra rewards. It will also allow you to buy 2 legendary fragments every week. These fragments are hard to obtain and you need a great deal of these fragments to upgrade the skills of your legendary heroes.

At the beginning of every server or region, you will need to send your scout to explore the map and lift the war fog. You have to get rid of the fog to discover the villages and towns your alliance needs to capture but also to find resource nodes to gather, zombies, and hives to kill.

Once you explored some parts of the map, you will discover some points of interest that need further exploration. Finding these points of interest and exploring them will grant you some rewards too.

Step 7 – Claim the free items and use the Mysterious Merchant

Every day there are a few items you can claim at different places in the game. The first place is the VIP tab in the top right corner. It gives VIP tickets and other consumables. The second place is in the Mall usually there’s a red dot to let you know there are some gifts. The third one is the Police Station where you have up to 10 free normal searches a day. And the last one is the Airdrop supplies located at the bottom right.

The final step you need to take is to use the Mysterious Merchant every time it appears and buy all the items with food or wood. The same thing applies to the VIP Merchant. Everything in the store of the mysterious merchant is at a discount price, you always pay less for items, including resources. More importantly, you can buy all the different types of speedups to help you develop your shelter faster and train troops. Also, don’t forget to use your free refresh every time. Tips: You can make the merchant appear by collecting the resources in your shelter.


After this step-by-step guide, you’re now ready and prepared to be among the top-rank players in your region! However, knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power so all the steps above need to be followed in order to be strong and grow fast. I wish prosperity to your shelter.

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