Doomsday: Last Survivors – Hero Guide

In this post, I’ll explain the different types of heroes. In Doomsday: Last Survivors your heroes are the features that will bring variety to the game. I will explain first the different information you can find in the Heroes Menu then explain how the heroes are classified and how you can find the purpose of each hero.

The rarity of the hero

The heroes you choose to upgrade will determine your combat strategy and gameplay. All the heroes are categorized into 4 different categories depending on their rarity or colours:

  • Legendary (gold): These heroes are very strong but require a lot of items to upgrade them. It’s very difficult to awaken the hero and unlock the last skill.
  • Elite (purple): These heroes are quite strong and require a decent amount of items to upgrade them. They can be awakened quite easily over time.
  • Uncommon (blue): These heroes are weak but easy to upgrade.
  • Common (green): These heroes are very weak and only the gatherers are useful but they are very easy to upgrade.

Talent tree

Each hero has 3 specific talent trees that will determine his abilities and his strengths and weaknesses. Each hero has 1 major ability (red) and 2 secondary abilities (yellow and blue). The major ability will determine what type of troop(s) the hero prefers to lead. All the heroes are divided into 5 categories based on that major ability:

  • Infantry: Mainly focus on defense and survivability.
  • Ranged: Focus on making damage.
  • Riders: Focus on traveling speed on the battlefield
  • Overall: The hero has balanced abilities and is good at leading mixte squads.
  • Leader: The hero is good at leading rallies and grants powerful buffs to the troops.

The secondary abilities are the areas or the type of combat or class, in which the hero is specialized. They are divided into 10 categories:

  • Gatherer is best to gather resources on the region map. It increases the speed of gathering and the quantity of resources taken from the resource node.
  • Zombie Hunter: is the best to kill zombies and hives on the region map. It grants extra damage to zombies and gives extra experiences and resources when zombies are killed.
  • Garrison gives bonuses to the troops to defend your shelter against other players.
  • Defense gives extra defensive abilities to improve the survival abilities of your troops.
  • Attack gives extra damage bonuses to your troops.
  • Field Battle gives extra traveling speed on the battlefield
  • Siege gives bonuses to do more damage during a siege but also to reduce the damage and the loss during a siege. Attacking a shelter, a tower, a city, or a fort, are considered as a siege.
  • Support is a talent tree that gives extra rage (the energy the hero used to launch a skill) and various buffs such as damage reduction, increase traveling speed, or increase healing effect.
  • “Skills” is the talent that focuses on producing more rage and increasing the damage dealt by the skill of your heroes.
  • General provides bonuses for various situations like gathering, killing zombies, garrison, or siege.


Each hero has 5 skills. These skills need to be unlocked, first by ranking up your hero (increase the stars). The upgrade of the rank can only be done at each ten level. You can rank up to 4 stars once your hero is level 10 but to get to the 5th star you will need to level up your hero to level 40 and to get to the 6th star your hero needs to be level 50.

Once you reach 4 stars, you unlocked the first 4th skills. However, to unlock the last skill you’ll have to maximize each skill in order to awaken the hero and get the 5th skill.

The 1st skill of your hero is the main skill and is activated once you reach the amount of rage required. It’s this skill that will make the most damage so I advise you to max it out first (unless it’s a gathering hero). The next 3 skills are additional buffs.


To make it simple, armament is all the pieces of equipment your hero can gear up. Each hero will only be allowed to equip armament for their main talent tree. A ranged hero will not be able to equip an armament made for an infantry hero for example.

Each piece of equipment grants additional stats, they can also be upgraded and for the elite and legendary armament you can also modify the attributes. There are 4 rarities of armament (same colour code as the heroes) but there are no conditions to equip an armament. For example, an elite hero can equip a legendary armament.

Z- Virus Adventure mode

The Z-Virus adventure mode of your hero is easier to understand. Each hero has 3 skills for Z-Virus Adventure which are automatically upgraded once you reach the hero level required. You cannot personalize your hero like in the battlefield mode, there’s no talent tree you’ll have to choose from. However, there are 2 types of  heroes:

  • Frontline: The hero is best suited to hold and block the zombie attack in the front but does less damage.
  • Backline: The hero is best suited to provide fire support at the back but is vulnerable to the zombie attack.


You now know everything about the hero menu. You understand all the different types of heroes, their strengths and weaknesses. You are familiar with all the different components of each hero.

I hope this post was helpful and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to post them below.

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