Best Way To Upgrade Your Troops

Troops are among the most crucial elements of Doomsday: Last Survivors. Without them, you can’t effectively attack or defend your shelter and towers. Therefore, it’s essential to upgrade your troops efficiently. I’ll focus solely on infantry, ranged, and riders, as cars should be used primarily for gathering, not fighting. However, the same principles can apply to cars.

There are 2 area in your shelter where you can upgrade the stats of your troops:

  • The equipment workshop: Here, you can upgrade your commander’s equipment and your parts.
  • The Research Lab

To understand how to upgrade your troops, access the barracks and examine the stats of each troop type.


In the image below, you’ll see all the stats for infantry. The most significant stats are health points (HP), followed by defense (DEF), and then attack (ATK). Focus on upgrading HP first, then DEF, and finally ATK. This will tell you which stats to upgrade first, if you get a 5% increase of one stat, the increase will be higher on the HP, then the DEF and finally the ATK.

Start with upgrading your vest and knife (however, I do not recommend to upgrade your commander’s equipment based on the troop stats. This is a subject for another post), followed by parts that increase HP like the Magazine Pouch and Leather Sheath. Then, upgrade parts for DEF like the Steel Plate and Nano Grip, and finish with parts for ATK like the Walkie-talkie and Adamant Blade.

In your Research Lab, continue focusing on HP, then DEF, and finally ATK. Upgrade Energy Drink, followed by Riot Shield, and finish with Explosive Ammo.


For ranged troops, the most crucial stat is ATK, followed by HP and DEF.

Upgrade equipment and parts accordingly. Start with upgrading the Rifle and Helmet, focusing on parts that increase ATK like the Razor Scope and Ballistic Goggles. Then, upgrade parts for HP like the Anti-Recoil Stock and Lightweight Liner, and finish with parts for DEF like the Silencer and Respirator. Again, I do not recommend to upgrade your commander’s equipment based on the troop stats. However, the Riffle is a very good good equipment to upgrade as it gives you additional training speed.

You can follow the same strategy in your research Lab: increase Optical Sight for ATK, then Camo Finish for HP and finally Shooting Position for DEF.


For rider troops, the most significant stat is DEF, followed by HP and ATK. Note: For T6 troops the order seems to change and goes as follow: HP, DEF and ATK.

Upgrade your equipment and parts in the same sequence. Start with upgrading the Pants and Boots, focusing on parts that increase DEF like the Military Belt and Steel Toe Guard. Then, upgrade parts for HP like the Puttee and Support Strap, and finish with parts for ATK like the Fighter Knee Guard and Spring Sole. Pants is one of the equipment you should upgrade in priority because it gives additional research speed which is very valuable to reach T6 troops as soon as possible. Note: If you’re close from T6 Rider, change it to HP, then DEF and finally ATK.

In your Research Lab, focus on Bullet Proof Tires for DEF, then the Antiflaming Tank for HP, and finally the Nitrogen System for ATK.


While it’s crucial to upgrade your troops properly, remain flexible. Remember that this game is based on event rewards. If you plan to participate in a Top Commander event, use all your part materials to maximize your points during the commander equipment phase. Don’t exclusively focus on upgrading your troop stats.

The same principle applies to your research. After every Top Commander event, you might encounter a Might Race event. This is the perfect time to complete your research to rank and obtain legendary fragments. Alternatively, plan to finish your research during Island Raid or Archipelago Raid events to take advantage of the extra 10% research buff and start a longer research project.

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